Four! Glorious! Miles!

My Friday night prepping paid off.  Saturday morning I was ready to run. Armed with fresh perspective, Nuun for hydration, and a hilarious podcast to pass the miles, I hit the road.  Having already secured a breakfast invite from my mom, I decided to tackle one of my favorite routes: our house to my parents’ house.  Early morning miles + breakfast waiting for me?  Too good to be true.  My preferred route to their house is closer to seven miles, and though I was sorely tempted to reach for those kind of miles, I stuck to my scheduled four miles (I plan to post on my new training plan later in the week) and had my boys drop me off a couple miles closer to town.  My fellas were on their way to Lowes (one of my boys’ favorite places) so it was a win-win for all.  Running, Lowes, breakfast with the grandparents: winner, winner chicken dinner.  Or winner, winner oatmeal breakfast as the case may be.

The miles: oh they were glorious.  My four miles were not particularly quick, but they were so enjoyable.  The weather was just perfect.  It was cool, but not too cool; the air had that perfect hint to fall to it.  The route is a pretty hilly one (there’s not a lot of flat routes in our little mountain town) and while the hills were definitely a challenge (both uphill and down), for the most part, I felt like I was cruising.  This was my longest run (without stops) in some time.  Even though I was fatigued by the end, I felt as though I could’ve continued on, if need be.  What a good feeling!  It was, by far, the best run I’ve had since the beginning of the summer.  I’m so grateful that I was able to get out there on such a crisp morning in these dying days of summer.  It really did start the weekend off on such a high note.  Long live the “long” run!

This week I’m sticking to my new training plan.  And what a week.  Whew.  I’m tired already.  We have well child check-ups for both kiddos this week, a dentist appointment for our older son and a doctor’s appointment for me.  Our baby is turning ONE this week so in addition to the fourteen million doctors’ appointments, we will celebrate that little guy.  We are so, so grateful that we get to live life with him and can’t wait to party with him tomorrow!  And to top off the week, we’re hosting my in-laws for the long weekend.  Since it’s going to be such a jam packed week, I spent time yesterday scheduling my workouts to make sure they happen this week.  Gold star for me.

I’m so happy to be starting the week on such a positive note!  Hoping your week, running and otherwise, starts off equally as well!


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