Slogging Along

Yesterday I was all hyped to get back on plan and get serious about training.  That was yesterday.  Today?  Today I’m just not feeling it.  I had another disappointing workout this afternoon.  I had such high hopes that I would feel strong and that the running would feel effortless.  I’m not sure about you, but man, I slog through all the hard days for those rare, but worth it, effortless days.  To run perchance to fly.  Today was not about flying; today was all about the slog.

I’m trying to stay positive, trying to embrace the process, throw myself a little grace, but it’s getting tougher with each disappointing run.  I’ve drowned my sorrows in homemade barbecue pizza and I’m going to formulate a plan this evening.  I feel very strongly that there is precious little in life that isn’t helped by a list or a plan.  So I plan to put together my plan of attack.  I’m going to figure out how to get through the tough runs and onto the fun part.  Because it has to be more fun that this, right?


5 thoughts on “Slogging Along

  1. Emily, I have a dear friend who has been a very successful runner for most of her life (she ran in the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials); she recently discovered that she would no longer be able to run long distances and had a major surgery with one more to follow. She has taken up cycling, and finds joy in everything she does. When I go out for a run, and I can already tell it is going to SUCK, I try to remember folks like Leah; sometimes, it helps. It’s not always going to be fun, so I try to think about where this run fits in the long journey…you’re doing great, girl.


    1. Tara, you are so right on. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. I took a rest day today and reflected on these words as well as some encouragement my husband gave me. The long journey. I love that phrase. I want to be in this for the long haul and each time I get to run is a gift. I think so much of my disappointment and discouragement has come from the fact that I’m not where I want to be. But I am here. And that’s just fine. I’m rambling now but I think your comment has become the catalyst for my next post. Thanks so much for your encouragement, your perspective, for reading…you are the best! Seriously, thank you.

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  2. “Slogging”, huh? Oh, Emily. First, kudos on the blog. I’ve always enjoyed your writing and this has been no exception 🙂

    Now, back to the slogging–been there, done that. I think everyone has, there is definitely no shame in it, but I agree it is no fun. However, mama G with all her running wisdom shared a tip with me that helps her get through those long run days when her feet feel like lead and she’d rather go home and have a cupcake piled a mile high with buttercream frosting: make running play. When we’re kids we’d cover miles every day, playing, so it was just fun. Find a way that makes the whole workout a game for you. Make it fun again. For me, on those “slogging” days as you called them, I need easy in-sight goals. Not 3 easy miles–those 3 miles might as well be 3,000. I need goals I can see. 10 feet in front of me if need be.

    Here’s my favorite game that mom taught me to play: Its really most fun with someone else, and now C really loves calling the shots on this game if I’m pushing him in the stroller, but I play it by myself all the time since I rarely have anyone to run with anymore and up until recently C didn’t talk enough to play even when he was in the stroller.
    1) At various intervals during your run (which can be however slow you want to go) choose to: stride out/sprint/increase turnover/do high knees/skip/grapevine/salsa dance/macarena, whatever floats your boat but keeps you moving faster/more for a short distance
    2) Decide how far that short, super easy attainable distance is: One of my routes has lots of trees so I will often run by 3 trees (no matter how far apart they are) and then do my “fun” thing until I get to the 4th tree. You can also use the ipod and songs to break it up (but then you miss the visual goal, which I think makes things easier).

    While the first 3-4 options I mentioned may be “serious” running options, just the change up makes them fun. I tend to use them the most while doing real training. However, I highly recommend trying the last few. If nothing else, daring yourself to let yourself go and be childish, have fun, and not care what anyone thinks who might be watching you, will make you smile. Bonus points if you are pushing the kiddos and manage to get them to crack up, too 🙂

    You got this, girl!


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