Never Miss A Monday

I’ve been following Jen on Instagram for some time now and she has this thing: never miss a Monday.  And man.  I get it.  There’s nothing like starting the week off with a strong workout.  Especially if you punted your long run on Saturday.  Ahem.

Last week saw lots of good Monday mojo: I wrote my first blog post and kicked off a 13 week half marathon training cycle.  Said mojo was short lived when a cold brought to my knees, halting all training for the week.  Despite attempting a midweek-rally (and failing), the week ended in a whimper as I dealt with a pesky foot issue.  The entire first week of training, lost.

And now, Monday.  And we never miss a Monday, right?  This Monday’s workout was an especially crucial one as my three year old started preschool today.  I knew I would need those endorphins to carry me through the morning without my little sidekick.  I laid out my clothes last night, finally pulling out my new shirt and capris that I purchased as a little happy to start this training cycle.  I knew I wanted to start the week off strong and nothing says strong like a new outfit, am I right?  I laid out my Nuun and my Another Mother Runner water bottle and put my shoes by the door.

The alarm went off at 5:00 and as much as I wanted to shut it off and go back to sleep, I didn’t.  I didn’t miss Monday.  I made it to the gym, logged my 3 miles for the day, and back home again before the sun rose.  (Not before my little guys woke up this morning, but that’s another story.)  It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t fast, but I got through it.  I’m claiming victory.  Jen is right on the money:  never miss a Monday.  Even though my workout wasn’t what I wanted it to be, it gave me the motivation I needed to get back on this training wagon…but more about that tomorrow.


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