To Run…Or Not to Run

Tomorrow morning is the perfect morning to go for a run.  It’s supposed to be a cool 64 degrees (I’m ignoring, for the moment, the 96% humidity forecast).  My husband will be home to watch after our little men, leaving me to run free and out of doors.  We have a day of house projects planned (as much as anyone can really do said projects with two very involved little helpers) and a run would be the perfect way to kick off the day.  A little runner’s high goes a long way when you’re painting, trimming hedges, and digging up the summer garden.

But I’ve been out for what feels like weeks.  Even though I’m finally feeling better, I have a cough that just won’t quit.  My foot is still tender.  I feel slow and heavy.  and I’m just so inclined to stay in bed, enjoy an extra cup of coffee and a few extra snuggles before starting the day.  Maybe I’ll start back on Monday and make a real go of it…maybe I’ll just wait till my foot is absolutely 100%….maybe, maybe, maybe.

To run or not to run…that is the question.


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