Today is the first day of my half marathon training plan.  I had a whole post planned about said plan and my goals for the race when I was felled, suddenly and swiftly, by an obnoxious cold brought home from camp by my preschooler.  My eldest starts preschool next week and as it will be our first adventure into this world of time spent away from one another, we decided to do a little trial run in the form of camp last week.  Wacky Water Week Camp, to be exact.  He absolutely loved camp and while he is full steam ahead for preschool, I wonder if this lovely bug he brought home is but a mere foretaste of what the germ-y school year holds for us.  I truly hope not.  We do not do sick well.  I mean, who does?

I was brought to my knees by this vicious preschool camp cold and I’m not sure that my “easy 3 miles” will happen today.  It’s as if this fiendish little cold virus knew I’d just started my running blog and was at the ready to attack.  I’m certainly not starting half marathon training out the way I’d envisioned: strong, motivated and ready to own this plan.  Instead, I’m a sniveling mess toeing that starting line and considering quitting before I even really get going.

This isn’t the first setback.  About a year and a half ago, I decided that I was ready to train for a marathon.  I’ve always wanted to run one and I thought I was finally in a good place to tackle that goal.  Our son finally started sleeping through the night (at about 18 months; my body just involuntarily quivered at the sheer mention of his lack of sleep that first year) and I finally felt like I had my body {mostly} back.  About three weeks into that training cycle the second line appeared on the pregnancy test.  I immediately tabled all marathon plans and instead ran as much as I could throughout my second pregnancy. This past spring, about six months after giving birth, I began slowly easing back into running.  Or so I thought.

I’m not sure if I completely underestimated what “slowly easing back into running” looks like or if my body hadn’t fully recovered from the pregnancy but I was soon suffering from what I (thanks to google and the opinions of several far more qualified runners) diagnosed as shin splints.  I’ve never had any running injuries in the past so this was all new territory for me.  I continued to run for a few weeks.  Not my smartest move, but in my defense, my shins never hurt when I ran.  It was only afterward would they begin to ache.  Finally, finally I waved the white flag of surrender and took two full weeks off from any exercise.  Which lead to three weeks.  Which lead to starting this running blog to get back up off my arse and continue training.

I’d started training for a fall marathon at the beginning of the summer and that is why, in large part, I was so unwilling to take time off because doing so would mean letting go of that marathon goal.  But, in the end, it was a dear reminded me that I have years and years and years to train for big goals, but only if I’m smart now.  If I listen to my body and allow myself the time that’s needed to heal and get better, I’m putting a deposit in my running bank.  If I keep making withdrawals now, I’m going to bankrupt my running life before I even really get going.  She was right.  I took the time off and let go of the marathon goal…for now.  It’s still there and I really, really hope 2016 is my year, but I’ve learned not to hold onto it too tightly.

Instead of a fall marathon, I’ve decided to run a half marathon.  Conveniently there is a half marathon in my very town this fall that aligns with my training timeline just perfectly.  So that’s my goal.  A half marathon in November.  13 weeks from now.  I am ready (rotten preschool camp cold aside).


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